Information Technology or IT, Evolving Information Technology or IT, SMAC Information Technology or IT
Information Technology or IT, Evolving Information Technology or IT, SMAC Information Technology or IT

SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. The nature of marketing, advertising, and using customer data has changed. SMAC has its own unique culture, and IT developers are using it to change the way companies interact with people.

Information technology will forever be changed by SMAC factors. The innovative new technologies are far from being a fad. They are moving society towards a more interconnected, internet driven society. Companies today must use social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies to maintain relevance with their customers. Transform your organization’s approach to SMAC with help from Exceptional Software Strategies today. Continue Reading

Mobility, Adressing Mobility, How to address Mobility
Mobility, Adressing Mobility, How to address Mobility
Prepare your company for supporting and regulating mobility with these tips.

According to Paul DeBeasi, vice president of research at Gartner, mobility affects HR and legal policy, support, business infrastructure, and more. Mobility is a pervasive concept in business today, and it is complex. People in every industry define mobility differently, but it is increasingly becoming related to any device that can be used remotely. Jumpstart your mobile device program with help from Exceptional Software Strategies.

Mobility has come to the forefront of enterprise discussions because the internet is a highly effective medium for interacting with a targeted audience. More and more people around the globe are using mobile devices to make transactions, access information, and conduct business. The concept has served as a launchpad for creating new marketing campaigns and scaling company growth quickly. Many companies, though, are also only looking at that one aspect of mobility. Continue Reading

Big Data, Big Data Mining, Big Data Peril

Mining big data is cheap, but it nets millions for companies that successfully utilize the practice. For large businesses, this means competitors are constantly looking at one another for an advantage. Competing companies can mine information from online activity to undercut other company prices and develop better marketing campaigns.

If a company has a social media site, online store, or other online activities, the information on those platforms can be used by others. Data mining can be incredibly powerful and dangerous for both sides of the field. While it can yield valuable information, it can also open companies up to spending budget dollars in campaigns based off of false information or partial pictures. Continue Reading

Cyber or Cyber Security, Corporate Networks Cyber or Cyber Security, Cyber or Cyber Security for business

Third-party product and service providers can be a great asset to organizations. They reduce overhead, provide experienced solutions, and often use more current technology. However, they can also pose a threat to network security. When users who are not employees on payroll need to access company data, they may or may not have the safeguards in place to protect your information. They might be outsourced IT professionals, vendors, suppliers, or contractors.

Who to Watch Out For
Some outsourcing companies may be more secure than others. For instance, service providers like IT professionals, accountants, and HR companies have a vested interest in the success of your partnership. Well reputed firms will invest in the security solutions necessary to protect both themselves and you from cyber security threats during the course of operations. Others, including vendors, suppliers, and contractors, may not have the same level of security. Continue Reading