Information Technology or IT, Evolving Information Technology or IT, SMAC Information Technology or IT
Information Technology or IT, Evolving Information Technology or IT, SMAC Information Technology or IT

SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. The nature of marketing, advertising, and using customer data has changed. SMAC has its own unique culture, and IT developers are using it to change the way companies interact with people.

Information technology will forever be changed by SMAC factors. The innovative new technologies are far from being a fad. They are moving society towards a more interconnected, internet driven society. Companies today must use social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies to maintain relevance with their customers. Transform your organization’s approach to SMAC with help from Exceptional Software Strategies today. Continue Reading

Cyber or Cyber Security, Corporate Networks Cyber or Cyber Security, Cyber or Cyber Security for business

Third-party product and service providers can be a great asset to organizations. They reduce overhead, provide experienced solutions, and often use more current technology. However, they can also pose a threat to network security. When users who are not employees on payroll need to access company data, they may or may not have the safeguards in place to protect your information. They might be outsourced IT professionals, vendors, suppliers, or contractors.

Who to Watch Out For
Some outsourcing companies may be more secure than others. For instance, service providers like IT professionals, accountants, and HR companies have a vested interest in the success of your partnership. Well reputed firms will invest in the security solutions necessary to protect both themselves and you from cyber security threats during the course of operations. Others, including vendors, suppliers, and contractors, may not have the same level of security. Continue Reading

Exceptional Software Strategies (ESS) has invested in a ground breaking cyber security product called Atomic Mole. This product enables ESS to move into new markets within the commercial small to medium size business (SMB) markets as well as the Intelligence Community (IC). Atomic Mole is a cost effective cloud-based security solution for bringing cyber security measures to the SMBs protecting their systems from both insider and external threats.

Paul Stasko, President and co-founder of ESS, said, “Atomic Mole fills a huge void in the SMB market.  Now everyone will be able to afford what all the commercial giants have had for years.  ESS is extremely impressed with Atomic Mole’s talent, technology and disruptive approach to security.” For more information contact us at Continue Reading


By Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Exceptional Software Strategies, Inc. (ESS) in Baltimore, MD, was recognized as #3 for small business and #68 in the United States for the top 100 Adoption-Friendly Workplaces by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, America’s only nonprofit public charity dedicated to finding homes for children in foster care. This is the 10th year Dave Thomas has run this list and ESS has made the list every year!

Since 2007, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has compiled an annual list of the top adoption-friendly workplaces. This year, for the first time, the Foundation is recognizing all companies that applied. A new Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces website ( will help employers and job seekers compare how companies stack up. Continue Reading