Application program interfaces are not new in the field of software engineering. They have been in use on the internet, on our cell phones, and utilized in cloud computing services. However, industry analysts recently noted a rise in API use and predicted they could become as important as apps.

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What is the different between application programming interfaces and regular apps? Apps are generally associated with devices and are installed on a hard drive. APIs are instead accessed through cloud memory. As more aspects of data and business move into the “cloudsphere,” industry analysts estimate APIs will become the norm. To better understand how APIs can help your company, contact Exceptional Software Strategies.

What Is Changing
Innovation is a major buzzword of today. Some might say it is the buzzword. Companies are locked in a mad scramble to become the most tech-savvy and innovative organization in their respective industry. How does the desire to innovate lead to a cloud-based model? Think of it as email, right before email became the baseline communication for businesses. Companies who quickly adopted email were better poised to compete in the changing market of yesterday.

APIs are another advantage of the companies who use them. In 2015, APIs are the most important factor when running a digital enterprise.

So why are these so important? Well, unlike hard drives and emails, APIs are fluid and connect the trillions of facts spread through cloud apps, sites with data sharing options, delivery channels, and more. If the hard drive simply stores data, the API puts it in a spot accessible to anyone with the password. Physicians use APIs to store and access patient files. APIs are being increasingly used in online stores and micro-transactions. The more we rely on our data to have a tangible, digital use, the more useful APIs become.

Not only has our ability to manipulate and glean information from data increased, but the amount of data has increased exponentially. The more data that requires sifting, the less practical it is to use a human to study the data. That is why APIs are currently being developed with analytical tools that provide information to the appropriate party.

If you are interested in learning more about APIs and how they can help your company, give the experts at Exceptional Software Strategies a call today.