The role of IT in companies both large and small is becoming integral to the business process. The need to improve project processes increases as customers expect efficient delivery, market competitiveness goes up, and customer specs become more detailed.

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Good project management streamlines solutions rollouts, user adoption processes, and results. It nullifies scope creep and reduces project surprises. With evolving cloud technologies, new solutions, and an ever changing threat landscape, project management reduces risk to drive results. Reach out to Exceptional Software Strategies today to learn more about solutions and improve project management in systems engineering.


Case in Point – Local Government
Local government departments in Mecklenburg County, NC used effective project management to streamline a systems update rollout. By utilizing heavy IT support on the front-end of the project, maintaining communication with everyone involved throughout the project, and documenting the project’s key success indicators, their rollout was quick and successful.

Regardless of the technology being migrated, integrated, or newly installed, oversight and quality assurance allowed the local government’s Information Services & Technology department to meet its project deadlines and goals – something many private enterprises and government agencies struggle to do with systems engineering solutions.


Internal Communication Is Key
Many organizations today struggle with IT related project timelines. Approvals for budget, user experience, backend integration, and other factors may need to be reconciled by a number of decision makers before IT staff can push forward. Organizations who focus on a top-down approach to technology allow project management to streamline their implementations to manage risk, meet budget, and maintain a rigid timeline.

With help from Exceptional Software Strategies, your organization will have access to professionals who understand the project management process in government and in private enterprise. Contact us today to learn more about how our integrating systems solutions can help you reach your technology goals and improve your work processes.