Enterprise System Support, Enterprise System Support Architects, Enterprise System Support SkillsTo continue growth and improve the efficacy of enterprise systems, several key abilities are required of architects to return real value. Understanding scope, defining key components across the enterprise, working in domains, and other complex tasks are not easy to undertake. Contact Exceptional Software Strategies for knowledgeable enterprise system support.

In terms of scope, solution architects are responsible for providing information between the enterprise context and the project specs.

To succeed at this role, a successful architect needs a few key skills:

  1. 1. Curiosity. The problems undertaken by system architects require them to ask questions to quickly get at the heart of the problem. Specs are sometimes vague, which means the architect must learn how the goals meet the greater enterprise context.
  1. 2. Information analysis. Skilled architects help integrate their projects with business objectives, any industrial or governmental standards, recognized patterns, and developed best-practice solutions. Analyzing and compiling information is usually done by following some key questions:
    • • What are the most important variables?
    • • What is the relationship between the project variables, end goal, and business objectives?
    • • How do the features add value, and how can these features be improved?
  1. 3. Communication. Gone are the days when technical work is given to privileged men and women locked in an ivory tower, left to their own devices. Today, architects must effectively relate to key audiences, stakeholders, and the supply chain.
  1. 4. Isolating data. Singling out the important detail while ignoring extraneous details is important, too. If you are developing a new enterprise system, which features would be the most used? Given the stakeholders, which features are necessary and which would simply be nice to have? To this end, the architect almost acts as a filter, paring down projects to their base necessities.
  1. 5. Assist. Architects, like any other developer or engineer, must openly communicate with the stakeholders. Sometimes it is to train them to use to the new program. Any system architect, especially in smaller companies, will need to assist the stakeholders by acting as a consultant during relevant projects.


Enterprise system support is an important role for any company. Exceptional Software Strategies specializes in providing clients with information. If you have any questions, give us a call today.