Many colleges and universities are streamlining their operations to cut costs and lower tuition. Facilities management software provides a host of digital duties to free up time and reduce manpower for campus administration. Some of the more outstanding benefits of this software include the performance of services like audits, inventory management, and work requests.


Exceptional Software Strategies employed its extensive experience to bring you the best facilities management software currently on the market. Talk to us about any of the following programs:


  • – eMaint X3. This program is fully customizable. It provides the user with total control of the UI, layout, and features to make eMaint as user-friendly as possible. This program is one of the best at dedicating its function entirely to the needs of your facility and is extremely easy to train new employees to use.


eMaint also has a barcode generation feature, which is great for campus bookstores and gift shops. Its website has a free demo available for download. Try it for free.


  • – Hippo CMMS. Hippo boasts an easy user experience, but its primary strengths are the software’s affordability and power. An extremely flexible program, it is useful for a facility of any size, across nearly any industry. It is used in healthcare as often as education. Hippo allows an unlimited number of licenses and has been carefully improved for more than a decade to streamline business needs and increase communication.


  • – NetFacilities. If you are looking for a no-restriction software with effective tutorials, NetFacilities is a find for you. The company actively updates this software and has some of the best event-tracking features of any management program. Users gain access to unlimited work orders and use this software entirely online. There is no software needed to install on each computer, and its users can communicate with NetFacilities remotely.


The knowledgeable staff at Exceptional Software Strategies would be happy to answer any additional questions regarding facilities management software. Call us today to learn more.