GIS, Geographic Information Systems
Using GIS for Political Pattern Recognition Purposes

GIS is a digital tool that informs and analyzes spatial data for political scientists, city planners and engineers, and those interested in redistricting. In fact, a more practical use of GIS in politics is its ability to help with redistricting. Manually, the process of redistricting has traditionally played out as an expensive, and inexact, process.

Today, Geographic Information Systems allow a digital solution to this complex process. GIS uses census data, the voting results of past elections, and new demographic information to identify important trends. Exceptional Software Strategies offers GIS solutions for public and private use. To learn more, check out our offers page or contact us today. Continue Reading

Enterprise Portal Development, Why Enterprise Portal Development, Large-Scale Enterprise Portal Development

Enterprise portals funnel major groups of people through the same online nodes. Campuses provide portals to students to read up on classes, download syllabi, and review grades. Government agencies, insurance providers, and communities all use enterprise port development to create a better, streamlined access point for clients. Consider these top features of using great quality enterprise development software, then contact Exceptional Software Strategies to get started on a customized solution today. Continue Reading