Portals, Software Portals, IT Portals SolutionsGroupware can drive team efforts that involve several key stakeholders; however, the collaborative process is not driven entirely by computer software. Excellent leaders harness the raw talent of their employees and encourage them to make personal and professional changes.

Strong leadership is typically followed by two things:

1.  A company culture
2.  A strong team


How to Build a Culture

A company culture is the glue that holds all employees together. Not every employee will buy into the company belief system, but a strong culture will still guide day to day tasks. How do you foster this kind of environment? To take advantage of the best practices in the marketplace, contact Exceptional Software Strategies today. Here are a few methods to get started in the meantime:

  • –  Set goals. The first step is always to plan ahead. Prepare goals for yourself and your team. These goals should be measureable, succinct, and within reason.
  • –  Improve communication. Every team, be it boss-employee or the last two contestants on Survivor, relies on communication. If easy access to information is your goal, the rest of your team will follow your example.
  • –  Build mastery. Everyone wants to feel as if they are improving in their jobs. The more you involve every member of the team in various tasks throughout your company, the more responsive they will behave. Ultimately, team cohesion increases. By using work flows and project charts in shared drives, your team can communicate more easily and avoid duplicating or falling behind in work.
  • –  Leverage strengths. Allowing your employees exposure to a variety of tasks makes them feel involved, but playing people to their strengths makes them feel needed. Mastery is an important element of defining self-worth. Praise employees in front of others when they succeed. An office of competent workers who understand the strengths of others is not hampered by the tribulations of jealousy or a do-it-yourself attitude.

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