Big Data, Big Data Mining, Big Data PerilMining big data is cheap, but it nets millions for companies that successfully utilize the practice. For large businesses, this means competitors are constantly looking at one another for an advantage. Competing companies can mine information from online activity to undercut other company prices and develop better marketing campaigns.

If a company has a social media site, online store, or other online activities, the information on those platforms can be used by others. Data mining can be incredibly powerful and dangerous for both sides of the field. While it can yield valuable information, it can also open companies up to spending budget dollars in campaigns based off of false information or partial pictures.

Gathering information about a target market is one thing, but using data mining to gather information without a person’s or company’s consent walks a fine line between what is legal and not. Those who do use data mining practices should make their practices transparent to protect themselves and their online reputations. Develop ethical big data mining practices with help from Exceptional Software Strategies by calling today for more information.


Protecting Data from Data Mining
Employees, consumers, and companies interested in protecting information online should develop a stringent internet policy. Regularly clear cookies and browser histories, encrypt email, use VPNs, and avoid putting too much information on websites and in social media forums. Avoid letting an email load remote content, which can track geolocations, time, and “opened” information. Keep the GPS services turned off on mobile devices. A strong firewall setup with rules for outgoing traffic can also prevent certain mining practices.

Whether a company or individual is interested in gaining a competitive advantage or avoiding being detected by data mining technology, carefully consider online interactions. Come to Exceptional Software Strategies to learn more about protecting your company from competitive data mining practices and preventing data abuse.