Cyber or Cyber Security, Corporate Networks Cyber or Cyber Security, Cyber or Cyber Security for businessThird-party product and service providers can be a great asset to organizations. They reduce overhead, provide experienced solutions, and often use more current technology. However, they can also pose a threat to network security. When users who are not employees on payroll need to access company data, they may or may not have the safeguards in place to protect your information. They might be outsourced IT professionals, vendors, suppliers, or contractors.

Who to Watch Out For
Some outsourcing companies may be more secure than others. For instance, service providers like IT professionals, accountants, and HR companies have a vested interest in the success of your partnership. Well reputed firms will invest in the security solutions necessary to protect both themselves and you from cyber security threats during the course of operations. Others, including vendors, suppliers, and contractors, may not have the same level of security.

Over 60% of data breaches in organizations are caused by third part vulnerabilities. If your business routinely works with at-risk outside vendors, consider implementing higher security standards to protect any transmissions between you and a provider. Contact Exceptional Software Strategies for a consultation on your cyber security policies today.

Minimizing the Threat
Protect your company by improving your relationship management with third-party providers. Keep a list of all external providers and what information they have access to within your organization. Secure credentials in a protected digital vault and utilize access controls to prevent unwanted account access. Encrypt data transmissions, including emails. Monitoring solutions and analytics tools can help IT departments identify and react to threats. Always double check suspicious online activities.

With routine oversight, companies gain the advantage of working with outside companies while securing their assets and protecting their business goals. Address vulnerabilities at remote access points quickly and fully to minimize the risk of an attack. Exceptional Software Strategies specializes in custom solutions for cyber security. Call us now to learn more.