Database administration, Database administration management, organized Database administrationThe database administrator serves three important functions: production database maintenance and repair, developing new database software, and management of a company’s data and metadata. When it comes to metadata management, database administration departments serve a protective and categorizing role within an organization.

Metadata is used in every data set held on a device and includes identifying information for the data as well as times, locations, and structural information regarding how data has been compiled. The function ensures files and data sets are held in an accessible location at the time a data set has been formed and into the future.

Optimizing metadata handling can enhance document or file searchability and protect documents from being stored in unwanted locations. Call Exceptional Software Strategies for more information on database administration solutions.


Tips for Improving Management

  • -Use a naming convention. Follow prescribed naming conventions for any files stored on a shared server.
  • -Invest in a management solution. A management tool can help data administrators monitor internal records, compile data reports by using the correct conventions, and implement a data scrubbing tool to prevent accidental transmissions of sensitive information.
  • -Create easy-to-use templates. Extensive metadata for online activities or intranets can be easily managed by anyone in a marketing, administrative, or IT role. Develop templates internally or with a 3rd party provider and implement a set of rules for using the template. Oversight of metadata may be restricted to one or a few individuals, but inputting metadata or changing keywords in data sets can be handled by anyone with computer skills.
  • -Audit metadata regularly. Based on individual business needs and uses, every business may use metadata differently. Test the usefulness of your metadata management system with predefined audit terms and with non-routine spot checks by using search criteria that should yield results after you have saved or posted a document.
  • -Control security settings. Businesses that heavily rely on metadata can control what data is recorded regularly and what metadata users are allowed to change when creating a document. Go over the categories to ensure your database administrative department can access the information necessary for an efficient workflow.


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