Exceptional Software Strategies, Inc. is proud to be a professional technical provider as a prime contractor under the NAVSEA SeaPort-enhanced (SeaPort-e) contract. The Exceptional Software prime SeaPort-e contract number is N00178-14-D-7712.


NAVSEA SeaPort-e


Point of Contact:

Sandy Stasko

Exceptional Software has successfully primed over 70 contracts for 11 different Department of Defense (DoD) customers and 18 Civilian Agencies in its 20 year history. Exceptional Software specializes in the delivery of expertise and solutions focused on our core businesses. These include:

  • – Systems Engineering and Integration
  • – Information Technology
  • – Intelligence and Special Programs
  • – Program Management
  • – Software Engineering
  • – Research and Development

These capabilities are applied across a broad spectrum of research, development, test, and evaluation requirements including: knowledge management and network systems; homeland defense and counter-terrorism programs; business process management; information fusion; and computer-based information systems development and integration.

Quality Assurance:

Metrics Collection and Analysis —  We automatically manage all CDRLS, schedules, action items, and bug trackers for tracking technical problems. As part of our process improvement program, these metrics are analyzed regularly, improvements are made, and the metrics are reported monthly.

Configuration Management — All program artifacts (code, process definitions, graphics, modules, applications, documentation, training, procedures, etc.) are placed under configuration management control by the Program Librarian.

Quality Assurance and Test — We have a philosophy of continuous improvement as part of our CMMI processes. This continuous improvement is the responsibility of everyone on the program, but it is measured and evaluated in our QA & Test program to ensure objectivity. At each stage of the program, we perform QA checks. Each module, subsystem, and system undergoes testing (and regression testing as required). The results of the QA inspections and tests are documented, summarized, and reported as part of our process improvement program.

Task Orders — N00178-08-D-5420

Task Orders — N00178-14-D-7712

Team Information — We currently have no team members

Zones — Exceptional Software is approved to provide task order services in the following SeaPort-e zone: ZONE 2 – National Capital