Cyber Challenge
2015 MD Cyber Challenge

The Exceptional Software Strategies Cyber Challenge Team, ‘The ESS Loco SAs’ are picking up digital steam. The ‘Loco SAs’ advance to Round 2 of the 2015 Maryland Cyber Challenge after a brutal cyber war consisting of Windows+Linux Hardening and Digital Forensics challenges last weekend.

Each of the 3 challenges lasted 6 hours and extra time was taken to prepare and research the problems at hand before starting.

Next weekend, September 25 – 27, The Loco SAs will attempt to dominate in Round 2 to advance to the live final hacking competition taking place at the 2015 Cyber Maryland Conference in October.

The ESS Loco SAs fought hard as finalists last year at the 2014 Maryland Cyber Challenge. And this year their gaze has not shifted from the First Place position.

Members of the ESS Loco SAs Team are Jeff Nuse, Ali Flanagan, Erik Cintron, Casey Simpson, and Bao Nguyen.

Bao Nguyen summed it up best with, “It’s time to kick butt and chew bubble gum.  And we’re fresh outta of gum.” Good Luck to the ESS Loco SAs!!