ESS Interns
Exceptional Software Welcomes Our Interns

The Exceptional Software Strategies’ 2015 Summer Internship Program is here! We are excited to welcome this year’s Interns: 

Ms. Casey Simpson (Senior/Stevenson University), 
Mr. Erik Cintron (Junior/Capitol College) and our returning superstar from last year’s program 
Ms. Ali Flanagan (Senior/Stevenson University)!!
Competition for this program is fierce with the best and brightest from several colleges and universities. Not to mention a very selective and arduous security process through the National Security Agency. So a big Congratulations to our new junior members to the ESS Family!!!
These talented Interns are part of unique program, the National Security Scholars Program. This amazing program provides eligible college students the opportunity to receive a scholarship and to process for a security clearance (TS/SCI w/Full-Scope Polygraph) from the National Security Agency.

The National Security Scholars Program at a glance:

National security confronts the formidable challenge of preventing foreign adversaries from gaining access to sensitive or classified national security information; collects, processes, and disseminates intelligence information from foreign signals for intelligence and counter intelligence purposes; and supports military operations to defeat terrorists and their organizations at home and abroad, consistent with U.S. laws and the protection of privacy and civil liberties.

Focusing on the needs of the intelligence and defense industry in Maryland, the I-Fund’s National Security Scholars Program (NSSP) offers opportunities for scholarships, assistance with national security clearance processing, internships, and future employment to students who attend an I-Fund member college or university.

Now entering its 16th year, the NSSP has awarded more than $2.75M in scholarships to more than 200 students attending an I-Fund member college or university. Additionally, the NSSP provides a network of opportunities to its partners for the purpose of maintaining a pipeline of future hires addressing current and future employment challenges of the national security industry in Maryland. To learn more visit