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Business process management is a modeling program that maps a given workflow. This workflow allows companies to determine procedure weaknesses and set new processes to fix potential problems or improve workflow speed. BPM software helps identify weaknesses, improving project workflow. To discover how business process management can help you, turn to Exceptional Software Strategies. Here are three helpful BPM modeling techniques:

  • 1. UML Diagrams. This model type is used for the visualization and development of a product. UMLs are often used in software engineering, but they readily apply to many different software functions. There are more than 14 different kinds, each used to supplement a variety of business processes. UMLs are one of the most flexible BPMs, object-oriented and useful in customer applications.
  • 2. Gantt Charts. These models represent the full length of a project from start to finish. In addition to providing all of the action items, Gantt Charts provide the amount of time each action will take. A reliable project management tool, it is flexible enough to adapt to new project needs. Due to their popularity and ease of use, Gantt Charts are great for communicating expectations between multiple groups at the same time.
  • 3. Role Interaction Diagrams. These diagrams are more complicated than simple flow charts, but easy enough to grasp. As a modeling technique, RIDs connect role types within a matrix. RIDs may represent six sigma/lean problems similar to a fishbone diagram, or showcase cross-department communication. They frequently use text, arrows, and symbols to display resources available to different groups and the limitations of each.

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Many colleges and universities are streamlining their operations to cut costs and lower tuition. Facilities management software provides a host of digital duties to free up time and reduce manpower for campus administration. Some of the more outstanding benefits of this software include the performance of services like audits, inventory management, and work requests.

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GIS, Geographic Information Systems
Using GIS for Political Pattern Recognition Purposes

GIS is a digital tool that informs and analyzes spatial data for political scientists, city planners and engineers, and those interested in redistricting. In fact, a more practical use of GIS in politics is its ability to help with redistricting. Manually, the process of redistricting has traditionally played out as an expensive, and inexact, process.

Today, Geographic Information Systems allow a digital solution to this complex process. GIS uses census data, the voting results of past elections, and new demographic information to identify important trends. Exceptional Software Strategies offers GIS solutions for public and private use. To learn more, check out our offers page or contact us today. Continue Reading