Database Engineering, Database Engineering Techniques, Business Database Engineering

Companies, especially major corporations, pay top dollar for any database engineering methods that provide a competitive advantage. These trends guide companies, but they also guide entire markets. Organizations that allow big data analytics to fall to the wayside will ultimately become obsolete. That is how important it is to follow emerging practices in data engineering. Get started with a customized solution from Exceptional Software Strategies to improve your emerging practices in database engineering and analytics.

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Security Systems Engineering, Exceptional Security Systems Engineering, Security Systems Engineering Professional

The days of ISPs serving as policy document libraries are no more. Now ISPs require cyber security measures to stave off attacks and protect business information. Advances in security systems engineering are making this practice surprisingly simple. Consider these factors before implementing your formal ISP:

  1. 1. Perform a needs assessment. Evaluate your organization’s purpose for your ISP. Which regulatory bodies do you need to comply with? What online threats is your organization most vulnerable to? Which hardware, software, and cloud information assets do you need to protect? Compare your needs with your current security program to determine your current needs. Always focus on maintaining a policy that supports and protects your future business strategy as well as the status quo.
  1. 2. Compare resources. Reach out to third party companies who offer the solutions you require. Compare solutions with your needs assessment and take this time to learn about protections you may not have considered. The professionals at Exceptional Software Strategies can direct you to comprehensive solutions to support your ISP now and into the future. Call us today to get started.
  1. 3. Implement a documentation routine. Thoroughly document your ISP and add as much detail as possible. Run comprehensive reports each quarter that include the scope of each program solution, who is responsible for running and evaluating reports, program value at both a detailed and high-level, and action items.
  1. 4. Develop an incident recovery plan. Understand the communications procedures, assign roles, and create a plan of action. Run through a drill regularly.
  1. 5. Train staff. Prepare a trained team of staff members who know and understand the current threat landscape to oversee security controls. These individuals will be your organization’s first line of defense. Teach all employees safe online practices and who to contact in the event of an emergency.
  1. 6. Audit and evolve. Reevaluate your ISP regularly to minimize risk, improve solution performance, and protect your information assets.

For more information about developing a comprehensive ISP with custom-designed security systems engineering solutions delivering highly functional performance and protection, contact Exceptional Software Strategies.

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Software Engineering, API Software Engineering, Software Engineering API

Application program interfaces are not new in the field of software engineering. They have been in use on the internet, on our cell phones, and utilized in cloud computing services. However, industry analysts recently noted a rise in API use and predicted they could become as important as apps.

What is the different between application programming interfaces and regular apps? Apps are generally associated with devices and are installed on a hard drive. APIs are instead accessed through cloud memory. As more aspects of data and business move into the “cloudsphere,” industry analysts estimate APIs will become the norm. To better understand how APIs can help your company, contact Exceptional Software Strategies.

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Enterprise System Support, Enterprise System Support Architects, Enterprise System Support Skills

To continue growth and improve the efficacy of enterprise systems, several key abilities are required of architects to return real value. Understanding scope, defining key components across the enterprise, working in domains, and other complex tasks are not easy to undertake. Contact Exceptional Software Strategies for knowledgeable enterprise system support.

In terms of scope, solution architects are responsible for providing information between the enterprise context and the project specs.

To succeed at this role, a successful architect needs a few key skills:

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